This site hosts no abandonware. Return to General Old Hardware. Many BX can also do this, and when doing so the BX is faster than anything. I don’t know what things are like on the original using newer drivers. This made me avoid VIA. Most nVidia cards of the time period don’t seem to mind, but it’s something you have to think about in the card selection.

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But again, my positive experiences were with the A, I don’t remember using the Visually, they qpollo look like they’ll serve the same purpose equally well. But how well this works depends on the motherboard. I don’t have proof but my impression has been that VIA gradually improved with later chips. This made me avoid VIA.

Many BX can spollo do this, and when doing so the BX is faster than anything. At this point we have more mature drivers apolllo what was available back then. I’m really only using the thing because I don’t have an alternative at the same performance level. To some extent I think the chipsets improved, but also I think that over time, the problems with VIA had been identified and smoothed out in drivers.


This site hosts no abandonware.

Ati mobility radeon x windows 7 driver lenovo t60 review

Voodoo 3 16MB Sound: My website with reviews, demos, drivers, tutorials and more My Retro Gaming PC: I don’t know what things are like on the original using newer drivers. CPU support apolo on older boards. I think most points have been made.

Interesting for supported memory. I can’t remember if I’ve ever used the though, so maybe it’s okay. Via Apollo Pro disadvantage: Even the newer boards though are known to not have the performance of the mighty BX.

I wouldn’t be very interested in the Apollo Pro Your thoughts and opinions would be much appreciated.

Then again, if you just had to go VIA then you’d be better off using an Intel chipset board. Usually can get around them with the last 4in1’s like apolloo. Now that I’m thinking about it I think I want a board. VIA chipsets should be avoided if possible.

I don’t know as much about ATI.

MSI T PRO – motherboard – ATX – Socket – ProT Overview – CNET

Some physical modifications will be needed for the tualatins, but it can be done. From the comments I’ve read online, it seems it pretty much always works on Geforce, and usually works on Geforce4, but fails on FX5 and later cards.


They’re Intel though and have support for FSB and up to 1. Qpollo Via Apollo Pro also supports up to 1. If I had an Intel board that could take the chip or another chip of comparable speed There are some fixes for this problem but it seems inconclusive if the problems were totally cured.

WTB: Via Apollo Pro 133T Mobo with ISA

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to pdo133t BSA. You might also want to check which of those boards have options to disable the caches, if you want to slow it way down for DOS games. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.