Chapter 1, Overview, briefly describes the Viper Tape Drive, its models and features. Refer to Chapter 3 – Environmental Specifications. They are inapplicable as per the setting of the SelfTest bit. These bits specify the logical unit number which must be 0. In addition to the exceptions associated with reading or writing data to the Viper drive see Read and Write commands, as appropriate , the following exceptions may be reported for the COPY command: Data is encoded using the group code recording GCR method, where 4 bits of data is encoded into a 5-bit group. For warranty information about this product, please click here.

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In buffered mode, Residual Length equals the total number of unwritten blocks the number zrchive blocks not transferred from the initiator plus the number of blocks remaining in the Viper buffer.

This signal is also used to distinguish between Selection and Re-selection phases. Typically, this directory is located at the end-of-recorded-data and is used to rapidly position at the beginning of specific files on zrchive tape. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. When non-zero, Viper will transfer the number of bytes specified up to a maximum of 36 bytes.

Archive S TAPE Drive Repair at M. Farris & Associates

Be the first to review this item. When the directory file is always adchive re-written after arcihve last file on tape, the SPACE command can be used to rapidly locate it again. Chapter 7, Reliability and Maintenance, gives the reliability specifications of the Viper and preventive maintenance information.


This command can be used to force all remaining buff ered data blocks to be written to tape without appending File Marks by specifying zero File Marks. The Viper returns extended sense format only.

This command functions similarly to the READ command except that the data originates from the Viper buffer instead of from the medium. The drive controller initiates up to 16 attempts to rewrite or re- read the marginal data block.

See Chapter 2, “Tumper Configuration”.

Tape Start Surge up to msec. If using swabs and head-cleaning archivee, perform the following steps: Note that in this case it is possible for Residual Length to exceed the Transfer Length. Saved Pointers There is one set of Saved Pointers for each command that is currently active whether or not it is currently connected.

The power connector pin assignments are: Learn more about Amazon Prime. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.


An increase in rewrites or the recoverable error rate can indicate that the recording medium is deteriorating. The Viper uses edge qrchive tape sensing to precisely locate the position for Track 0, and then uses Track as a reference point to step to the other track locations.

The head assembly is positioned vertically by a stepper motor.

If an invalid parameter is contained in the Command Descriptor Block, Viper will terminate the command without altering the medium. Head Actuator Mechanism The Head Actuator Mechanism consists of the head assembly, the head guidance means and stepper motor assembly. Vendor Unique Random Access Support The Viper archiv set includes support for random access processing and applications.


When there are no exception conditions during the space-by-count functions, forward movement of the tape ends on the EOM side of the last block or File Mark and reverse movement ends on the BOM side of the last block or File Mark.

Customers also shopped for. Viper reservation, once established, will remain in effect until one of the following: The 22150s command must complete before a subsequent command will be accepted.

Warranty & Support

Discard the second swab. Extended sense Arvhive bit is set, indi- cating Residual Length is non-zero. When non-zero, the number of bytes specified in Allocation Length up to a maximum of 3 bytes will be transferred.

Residual Length is set equal to the difference between the requested transfer length and the actual number of blocks read. In buffered mode, Residual Length equals the total number of unwritten blocks the number of blocks remaining in the Viper buffer plus the number of unwritten File Marks. Notify the shipper or 210s distributor immediately should damage be apparent.