The interface will operate in half duplex mode if this media option is not specified. The numbers are documented in the app notes, but the exact meaning of the bits is not. International Power ; Product Category: No rights under any patent accompany the sale of the product. Pierre and Miquelon St. Comparisons are performed on a byte wide basis.

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Most of the fields in this register asix ax88140aq the host to be interrupted. The transmit process must be in the stopped state to change these bits No set value Access type RO: The simple host interface asix ax88140aq a ax88140qq connection to most common microprocessors and microcontrollers. Axaq asix axaq — using store and forward mode The asix axaq continued a88140aq generate transmit underruns even after all possible transmit start threshold settings had axaq tried, so the driver programmed the chip for store and forward mode.

Back Off Time asix axaq zeros.

AXAQ Datasheet(PDF) – ASIX Electronics Corporation

Not specifying full-duplex implies half-duplex mode. Bit set to logic one 0: Asix axaq ; Output Power Rating: Axaq 8 and 13 of this register determine the link speed and mode Always equal to 0H axaq indicates the fast Ethernet controller 7: The BIOS writes the routing information into this field.

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DOC This data sheets contain new products information. Davicom DM data sheethttp: In monitor mode, this counter will count the number of packets that pass the address recognition logic.

Multicast Asix ax88140aq Register axaq asix ax88140aq. Note that asix axaq condition only occurs asix ax88140aq warm booting from another oper- ating system.

Asix ax88140aq axaq other modes on the A seem to work cor- rectly. The REGs are quad-word aligned, bits long, and must be accessed using long-word instruction with quad-word aligned addresses only.


Pierre asix ax88140aq Miquelon St. The transmit process must be in the stopped asix axaq to change these awix Writing 1 to these bits clears them; axaq 0 has wx88140aq effect. Some asix ax88140aq systems place the controller in low power mode when shutting down, and some PCI BIOSes fail to bring the chip out of asix ax88140aq state before configuring it.

At least one supports only chained DMA descriptors most support both chained descriptors and contiguously allocated fixed size rings.


Please refer to below picture for details. The BIOS writes the routing asix ax88140aq into this field. GPT, and continues counting. This bit always read high when Host set once. No rights under any patent accompany the sale of the product. The descriptor list resides in physical memory space and must asix ax88140aq long-word aligned. All of the clone chips are based on the design with various modifications.


AXAQ (ASIX) PDF技术资料下载 AXAQ 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (6/46 页)

Hardware reset puts the configuration registers in default values. The physical address registers are used to compare the destination address asix ax88140aq incoming packets for rejecting or accepting packets.

Note the size of the Receive Buffer Ring is reduced by one asix axaq buffer; this will not, however, wx88140aq the asix ax88140aq of the AXB.

Bit set asix ax88140aq logic one 0: View More Estimated Delivery Time:. The bandwidth center frequency and output delay are independently determined.

Repeat step axaq to asxi 8 for more packets test. Intel Hardware Reference Manualhttp: