That is exactly why the SyncML standard was created, so in theory, any device can talk to any other without reverse engineering protocols. Calendar Import Filter dialog raised exception. Navigate to other subtrees. Most modern phones allow you to send contacts as vCards via Bluetooth. Does anyone have a suggestion to backup contact on this phone using a Mac? I chose First, M.

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Posted on Dec 9, 3: Then I downloaded Bitpim, and when it looked for the phone, it found the proper Bluetooth Serial port info.

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Yes it absolutely does. Powerfully private No more data charges to download unwanted content. Once your phone is connected to your computer simply select the option to synchronize the device. Couldn’t the plug-in translate between whatever format the data is received from the phone to SyncML? How did you connect the phone to the dnv2

Brave blocks unwanted content by default bitpij keeps count. Mar 19, SyncML is an industry standard for transferring data between devices. LG VX Bug fix: Free Download for Windows.


Feb 28, 1: Bitpim will not always work properly via Bluetooth, so its best to connect your mobile phone via a USB cable. Once the vCards are on the Mac you can bitpi, double-click them to import into Address Book. It worked, although very slowly.

If you have more questions, ask here! Apple does have an iSync plug-in development tool. To get the contacts, export your whole list out of Address Book as vCards, then import them into Bitpim.

Do I need a special driver or something? I did find Bitpim’s llg a little sparse and didn’t really like how it opened numerous windows at startup. That is exactly why the SyncML standard was created, so in theory, any device can talk to any other without reverse engineering protocols. Navigate to other subtrees. Don’t leave without your download!

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Softonic review Bitpim allows you to transfer and edit data from your mobile device to your computer and back. Your review for BitPim. A little pop-up window will allow you to select what data to choose from your phone. If bitpim can do it, then it must be possible. Once the data is uploaded to the Bitpim program you can edit it and make any changes.


Why go to the effort of reverse engineering proprietary protocols for every phone when standard ones exist? Laws nev2 the use of this software vary from country to country. Your download is ready! May 21, 7: There’s no syncing with iSync, but at least you can import your contacts without typing them in on the phone!

BitPim failed to read phonebook from some Motorola models.