The bottom edge of the screen is brighter and there is some shadowing on the corners of the screen, though nothing readily noticeable in everyday use. Most business machines, however, still come with the old-style matte screens which are more suited for office rather than multimedia tasks. Dell Latitude D keyboard and touchpad view large image. For the most part I was very pleased by the amount of heat and noise emitted by the D The Bluetooth management software is simple but gets the job done. Another minor issue is with the amount of play in the WiFi catcher switch a nifty feature that allows me to detect WiFi networks without booting up more on this later.

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You can configure the WiFi catcher to show only unencrypted or preferred networks, you can set wireless profiles, you can adjust any number of power management settings, and you microphonf fine tune display settings all from the QuickSet menu. Operating System, Pre-installed Software, and Management Suite I was pleasantly surprised to find the Windows XP Home install free from the bloatware that so often plagues notebooks these days. The wait d82 to speak to an agent were negligible definitely not the case with my past experiences with Dell Home and the agent herself was polite and helpful.

Dell Latitude D Review (pics, specs)

When I press down on one key, the surrounding keys do not flex at all, a hallmark of high quality notebook keyboards. At least on the D you get stereo sound with a speaker on either side of the keyboard; on its cousin the Latitude D there is but one speaker.

The D uses a charcoal and black motif that works well not to draw attention to itself in an academic or corporate environment.


Apple MacBook Pro 2. This is useful when running on battery power or when using the notebook in different settings but I ended up turning this feature off because it oftentimes results in an unacceptably dim screen.

Dell Latitude E5530 Microphone Mic W/ Cable Ls-7909p

Like most corporate notebooks the D comes with both a touchpad and laitude pointing nub, the latter of which has long since disappeared in the consumer market. I choose two MB sticks total 1GB to take advantage of dual channel memory capability which in theory doubles the bandwidth of the pipe from the RAM to the memory controller. Obviously these hinges will deteriorate over time but they look to be well-made.

At first blush, a tastefully styled though by no means beautiful and well-built notebook. I ordered the D with the standard 6-cell battery.

For the most part I was very pleased by the amount of heat and noise emitted by the D Dell has also made smart choices in button size and choice. At a miccrophone it can be used on a plane or on a lap but, for the most part, I would not travel extensively with the D The D has a magnesium alloy body that is supposed to protect the laptop from flexing and the wear-and-tear of corporate travel and use.

Setting the screen to black, there is little apparent light leakage.

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The ThinkPad T60 was aimed more towards the road warrior. Underside shot of the Dell Latitude D, latiude hard drive and stike zone can be found here view large image There is not much to say regarding the aesthetic design of the notebook. Out of the box the screen hinges are quite stiff. Dell Latitude D view large image. It sports inoffensive aesthetics from an experienced manufacturer of corporate notebooks. Light indicators for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth view large image.


I have not yet had to deal with customer support and I hope I never have to. The IBM ThinkPad has long been legendary in the corporate world for its durable portability, excellent support, and strong management software suit. Pros Superb build quality Computational performance Good heat management Dual mousing options Thoughtful touches like WiFi catcher and battery life LEDs Price relative to other corporate notebooks Cons Lackluster screen Optical drive noise Poor graphics performance plus no option for micro;hone better card Pricing and Availability.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this notebook to anyone looking for an effective tool to get some serious work done. I have not had a chance microphon use this extensively but it looks like a nice, enterprise-grade security suite. Left side view of D ports view large image. The bottom edge of the screen is brighter and there is some shadowing on the corners of the screen, though nothing readily noticeable in everyday use.

Dell Latitude D820 Review (pics, specs)

In this picture you can see the ambient light sensor on the screen that adjusts screen brightness automatically, d8820 hinge on the left view large image. On the right side, the D sports two stacked USB 2. First Impressions When I first uncased the D from its Styrofoam packaging, I was impressed by the solidness of its build. Moreover, the drive is not well damped causing the whole notebook body to shudder as the drive d8200.

The Toshiba Bluetooth stack works flawlessly.