Seth Andrews Yesterday at Will retry the beta asio driver with 3. Sections of this page. I tried making the digitech the only active card in saw with same results. I don’t think it will matter much which soundcard you use so I’d do whatever is most convenient for routing purposes. Long time no upgrades, you see how active I am

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Digitech GNX4 Public group.

Can it really be affecting the sound as it is apparently working? I played around and was able to get a semi-decent clean though still brittle.

DigiTech GNX4 Drivers

I have Acid Pro 4. Some posts say “don’t select the digitech drivers as your audio in and out, because they make a terrible noise. It has a 1 gig flash in it already. This thing is as thin as Amy Winehouse’s legs.

One problem, I bnx4, is that the cards provide 2 outs and 4 ins, while reporting 2 pairs in and out to Windows.

Digitech GnX4 sound card

Yes, it powers up and I have been able to rotate wheel to select Jimmy, Carlos and Eddie v. Say hi to everyone, including Bob and Jeanne. Has anyone ever come across a preset of his Racer X gns4 Gonna need to play with it a bit. The pedal is nonresponsive and I have tried to do the hard reset with no luck.


Join the HC Newsletter. I offer him 40 bucks as is, he takes The amp models are usefull for rigitech and getting ideas down however. Bnx4 lot on that thing! If you don’t have a keyboard connected to the GNX4 then nothing will happen. For what you paid the unit, kicking in alittle extra for the models would be a good investment.

Will try the MFX pack just for giggles. I have not done any user made presets. Its AC not DC.

He figures it’s broken and says sorry. I dont know, I played a POD on less than 2.

DigiTech GNX4 Drivers – Should I Remove It?

Take it home, wipe it off, find 9 volt ma adapter not 2. He adio another adapter 9 volts but only ma, gizmo need 2.

I don’t see how asio could handle this but it shouldn’t be that of a problem with WDM. Found a couple of usable sounds but the cleans are brittle, so far. Haven’t digiitech registration validation E-mail?


Tom Voreis December 23 at Thanks again for adding me.

Sections of this page. Thanks for the add. Check the supply wart.

Questions using GNX4 as my Sound Card;,Running in ASIO Driver Mode.

As is well known, the GNX4 was designed to be used to not provide an interface for the guitar but midi and XLR as well. Essentials Only Full Version. My GP from is so much fuller and warmer and real amp sounding.