The ScanSnap S is very compact when not in use — it folds up to take a small amount of space. I use my scanner for three things: It also has automatic color detection and automatic blank page deletion so that you do not have to manually delete unnecessary blank pages. You might contact Fujitsu support on this. What this means is that you have two choices when working with this scanner — use software that has specifically included Fujitsu ScanSnap compatibility, or scan your documents to a PDF file and include them in your application that way.

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Why Doesn’t ScanSnap Have TWAIN Drivers? – Fujitsu ScanSnap Community

It has saved me countless hours finding and retrieving information and significantly reduced my frustration in dealing with mountains of documents. This all makes my blood boil. The issue is that Fujitsu has steadfastly refused to produce industry standard scanning drivers for its entire ScanSnap series, including scansnap s1500m twain latest-and-greatest models. Need to reach us?

Software Downloads: ScanSnap S1500 / S1500M

You can easily switch between profiles by clicking on the ScanSnap scansnal in the Windows system tray. The Scansnap s1500m twain, as you point out, is one of the few scanners that offers neither. One or the other. The Doc Center is a free feature in QuickBooksscansnap s1500m twain it is a totally unsecure way to store documents.

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It has a USB interface, and the driver is scansnap s1500m twain the device to scannap on the local computer. Now — when I scan, the document appear in the left half of the window and the other half is with browse button and the folders appear with clear and black arrows on the right side of the folders. Get started s5100m Stand Out as the employee with proven skills.

ScanSnap S – Fujitsu Global

Need scansnap s1500m twain reach us? It might just be a software update. Delivering “total support” from digitization to application. The ScanSnap S is very compact when not in use — it folds up to take a small amount of space.

ScanSnap was designed without the TWAIN driver in order to provide a more streamlined scanning experience with a push of a single button.

The proprietary stuff drives scansnap s1500m twain crazy — it would be so easy and so helpful to have a standard TWAIN driver! He retired from scansnap s1500m twain and QuickBooks activities in early As a compute programmer of over thirty years — I can tell you the truth.

When purchasing sscansnap ScanSnap, users receive everything they need in the box. I see proprietary interfaces with a learning curve that distracts from more productive time spent learning the power of Adobe Acrobat. I use my scanner for three things: Scansnap s1500m twain only wish is that it had two scan buttons, scansnap s1500m twain sided and two sided.


Only solution is either update the software to this current century, or buy special hardware that has TWAIN driver support. The driver is specific to the device.

Fujitsu Twain Driver

scansnap s1500m twain Kay, did you contact SmartVault tech support on that issue? It still works and is supported on Windows 7 64 bit. We quickly learned scansnaap value of having one at each desk.

scansnap s1500m twain Occasionally I do want to scan in a photograph to include it in a document, and my graphics application needs a TWAIN driver. Very smooth and fast!

December 31, at 4: Anyway — just something else I remembered I wanted to say in my rant against Fujitsu having done this to us. The main reasons why I like this scanner are:. Scansnap s1500m twain for TIFFs — really? The way I get around this is to use the ScanSnap Manager to scan to a folder and then I have my other imaging software usually, PaperPort pick up the scansnap s1500m twain docs in that folder.